smallganics organic baby food
smallganics organic baby food
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Unfortunately we have had to stop producing our range of Organic baby food as we were unable to stay true to our preference of being a small family run company and survive in the extremely competitive baby food market. Whilst we are disappointed we have learned a lot and believe - for now - we have made the right decision to halt production.

However, we have not given up on the Smallganics brand. We have lots of ideas for other organic foods for toddlers and children and need to find the right companies to work with to make this happen.
For old and future customers we hope you will see our products on the shelf in the future. If you want to provide any feedback or give us any ideas we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch
Potential Partners

As we have mentioned above we have lots of ideas and now good experience of working in the food industry. We are always looking for business partners whether it is for brand licensing, consulting, acting as a UK / Regional contact and market research.

For anything regarding this or any other ideas in partnering us and our brand please get in touch

Kind Regards

Paul & Debbie Bowerman

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